Tuesday, October 09, 2007

molly at the bar(re)

molly at the bar(re)
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Molly assists in the teaching of dance classes for younger dancers in order to help Mom and Dad shoulder the financial strain of having such a talented progeny.
Ballet is a terribly expensive art. If you think fine fiddles and 'cellos are expensive, you should try on a pair of pointe shoes. A fine fiddle lasts for generations and appreciates with fine playing. A pair of pointe shoes lasts a night.
I dislike practically everything having to do with ballet, except the ballet. There are few things in this world as beautiful. I’m hard-pressed to think of anything as beautiful as Molly dancing. She dances from the same place from whence I play. I know that we share that inner sanctum because I recognize it. You witness not the bending of joints, the tautness of sinew, the grace of wrist, the disciplined muscle; but saudade, the wisps of soul breezes, resolve and resolution.
I am warmed on Monday evening sneaking glances inside the studio when I come get her from class. Today, I watched her be what the little ones wish for at their next stage of development. I watched her physically touch little ones to put stray limbs and disobedient muscles to right.
An hour later, she changed roles and became the taught - the grasshopper to a greater Sensei. I know the importance of operating in both these roles simultaneously through all of life. There is no ceiling for one who continues to learn in humility. But we have the responsibility to bring along those who come behind us. The balance of learning and teaching is healthy and beautiful and necessary.