Friday, September 14, 2007


Originally uploaded by rod lewis
Sometimes the beauty of a stone can cause it to seem softer, more welcoming and receiving than it actually is. Sometimes the hardness of a stone can make it seem hopeless and impenetrable, despite it’s beauty and strength. It takes patience and understanding to look through the beauty and at the nature of the hardness to find that the stone is actually quite porous. It is not always easy to learn that perseverance over time will find the object welcoming, accepting, even cherishing.
Fortunately, the perseverance required to give to the hard stone is not lost on the receiver. Gratitude is born of the nourishment and knowledge of the challenge that was overcome in its giving.
Once the stone has received, its very hardness and strength will help protect what has been absorbed. It’s beauty will make it more attractive to other beautiful, but hard stones, and it will better understand the challenge faced in sharing what it has been given.