Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Ex Obscuritate in Lucem

Gwillie the woodpecker becomes a sparrow, Cisco the marmot, the ecclesia encourager. I am the Wild Turkey, that forager of open fields; the rooster upon low branches. I’ve the vision of an eagle with the intellect of a housefly. From a distance, with my tail all fanned, I can be quite impressive, some say. But when you look me in the eye, it ain’t a pretty sight. My range is cyclic, I always return to peck at the same fields over and over, carefully working my way to the next, easily spooked.
I’d become the owl sitting confidently with my shoulders hunched up. Same keen vision, with the ability to see in front and behind with equal ease. Brow furrowed with wisdom to match my years, I’d speak only questions and learn trust from the lack of answers.
I’d become the Labrador, harnessed for any who would grasp the handle. Walking forward in confidence of instinct for having been trained at the feet of the master guide dog trainer. Trained and trusted to lead through the dark and dangerous into the light.
Spirit, morph me too. Make me a shape shifter. Mold me. Show me how to be a part of the Austin Phenomenon. I beg.