Thursday, November 06, 2003

Dog Years

How far can one go in eight years? What can be accomplished? One can get from fourth grade to graduation. After graduation, one can get a Doctorate degree. One can go from breast feeding and messing diapers to reading and doing math. Wow, these seem like such massive accomplishments. This is obviously a big chunk of time. If you turn it on its side, it means "infinity". It certainly must feel like that to you; its 100% of your life. But to me, it is precisely 20% of my life. I have lived 5 of your lifetimes to date. I remember 4 of them in their in entirety. It's your lifetime that I have trouble recalling. Where did it go? Where was I? Its hard to look back such a short distance. Think into the past - you're not there. Then you're there. Where is the time in between? Oh yeah, I remember, I'm Waaaahhhh, then Da, then Daggy, then Daddy, then Dad. If you ever call me father, I'll spank you. Oh, remember that day you learned to ride your bike? You just wanted to move faster. It all becomes a blur.
I'll bet, a few years from now, it will be easier to look back into this period of life. Right now its still part of the current hurry. Why did you have to hurry to eight so quickly? You didn't even realize it. From now on, I'm living through your time perspective, applying your percentages. But in reality, you'll just start adopting mine and tomorrow you'll wake up with 3 children, 10 things to do and half your life past. You came on the scene this way too. I went across the street for some coffee and a biscuit - you won't be here for hours. I nearly missed your debut. Slow down. Don't be in such a hurry. You've been counting down the days. DON'T DO THAT!!!!!!!
I'd rather be a tortoise on Galapagos, or a span of Geological time than be living in these dog years. Ok, starting right now, things are changing. This will be the longest day of my life. I'm concentrating on each moment. I'm going to hold your skinny little 8 year-old self for a LONG TIME tonight. Please don't hurry off my lap.
Happy Birthday Molly