Thursday, August 30, 2007

denn alles fleisch, es ist wie gras

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I've been a concert goer all my life, and over the years, I've had gazillions of important musical experiences. But there are a few that either I knew in the moment stood above the rest or have emerged as seminal musical moments that have had huge impact on me in various ways.
One such happened when I first moved to Pennsylvania just before Allison and I were married. I attended a Sunday afternoon performance of the Brahm's Requiem given by a community chorus and Maryland Symphony members in the Chapel at Mercersburg Academy. When we arrived, the place was packed except the balcony, so that's where we sat.
I couldn't see anyone on stage, choir, orchestra, conductor, but was seated directly over their heads with perfectly balanced sound rising up all around me. I sat immersed in soul-engulfing music and stared at the only thing in my sight-line, the window in this photo.
I took this photo last week when Molly and I sneeked into the empty chapel in the dark. I sat in the same seat I did that afternoon 21 years ago to get this photo. I could still hear, "Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras" wafting through the rafters.
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