Thursday, August 16, 2007

metro(sexual) transit stop

metro(sexual) transit stop
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One of those old Greek thinker guys said, (and I paraphrase) that athletics only causes a man to become barbaric, and art only causes a man to become too effeminate.
That knowledge allows society to counterbalance such tendencies. For example, it is always helpful to make the name of an otherwise ordinary, rough-hewn, diesel-smelling, testosterone-soaked truckstop possessive by using the rather more friendly, kindly, welcoming, mature, and dare I say(?), effeminate valentine cartoon heart rather than the old-fashioned, impersonal, grammatically boring, barbaric, male-centric apostrophe.
I really don't understand this. It seems to me that the word "apostrophe" itself is somewhat effeminate, if not downright, seductive.
Each time I scratch an apostrophe, it is not Aristotle or Plato, or even Pitgor, that I think of, but rather Aphrodite, or Persephone, and occasionally Aristophones. I make it a point never to think of Mephistopheles.
I'm telling you grammar is a slippery slope. We'd all be better off if we used cartoon hearts for all forms of punctuation, including but not limited to possession, exclamation, dotted i, umlaut, heartcetera.

(there, is that better /sp?)