Sunday, June 17, 2007

happy father's day dad!!

happy father's day dad!!
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I've not always been old and paunchy with white whiskers on my chin. No No No. I was once 12 years old and skinny as a rail and had a brand new, non-motorized bike.
As you can see, my dad helped me assemble it (read, "assembled it for me"). He is, in this photo, 6 years younger than I am now. I am very happy that at my ripe old age, I still have very young parents.

Never before in the history of fathers and sons, has a man imparted the epitome of manhood and masculinity (however inadvertently) so strongly, unmistakably, and certain, upon his progeny. I'm certain my brother would say the same. No one else's father should have even worn pants when our dad was around. We wanted to be him when we grew up, and we're still trying to grow up so that we can be him.