Sunday, September 16, 2007


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I've been watching for the neonatal harvest moon for 3 days now, but alas, it has kept hidden behind the clouds.
Even tonight, I had to stare at her crib for quite awhile before I caught a break in the clouds.
The harvest moon plays an important role in Allison's and my celebration of our wedding anniversary. It stretches our celebration beyond a day into a month of waxing and waning. Each year, our anniversary arrives at a slightly different phase of the harvest moon. This is meaningful to me. It tweaks my perspective, affects the way I look backward through 21 years,
and forward through life together.
The harvest moon is a metaphor, it is a symbol to which we both looked when we couldn't be together - a central, common connector that represents the glue that binds us.
I am a very romantic guy. Images, words and melodies write the story in which I play a role. I work through poetic days, I sit under poetic night skies, and I hear music on the breeze.

So please please forgive my schmaltz during the week that closes our 21st year of marriage.