Saturday, September 15, 2007


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It’s 9:15am on Saturday morning. I’ve been up for over 3 and a half hours and have already had a full day. I’ve another full day this afternoon. I’ve been running taxi service for the kids since 6:30am and have already been grocery shopping. I rolled out of bed in the pre-dawn to take Jack to school to catch the cross-country bus. This, of course, is a blessing because I got to see Pleiades, Orion and unnaturally bright Venus. When I came home from dropping Jack and getting groceries, I made coffee and relaxed a moment before delivering Molly.
Molly and I were a few minutes early to meet her carpool partner, so we sat in a parking lot and waited. As we sat there and listened together to the radio, a pretty woman walked around the truck and to my window. She said, “Hi! My name is Tricia, and I’m a Jehovah’s Witness. We like to go to neighborhoods and knock on doors – you’ve probably had us knock on your door – but people see us coming and try to avoid us or hide, so we come to parking lots and lie in wait and pounce on unsuspecting people.”
I kid you not! That is what she said. I felt that after such a brilliant opening line, I owed it to her to accept her Watchtower and pamphlet teaching me how to be a better parent.
Molly had the radio on “her” station, which was playing the “top 40”. After Tricia left, we were treated to a glorious in-studio interview with Fifty Cent, or 50 cent, or $.50, or however it is he spells his name. Not many people have names containing Arabic Numbers anymore. I guess it’s handy if you want to use your own name for your alpha-numeric password or PIN. Maybe I should change my name to Buck twenty-five, or buck and a quarter, or $1.25 – I haven’t decided how to spell it yet, I guess that depends on my PIN number. I’ve always wondered how long until our names and SS# would be one and the same.
But I digress…
What I really wanted to share with you about the interview with Fifty Cent, or 50 cent, or $.50, or however it is he spells his name, was this wonderful quote, delivered when Ryan Seacrest asked him about his wearing a bullet-proof vest. “Have you been receiving threat?”
“Well you know, the envy breeds jealousy.

This afternoon I’m scheduled to take Jack downtown to the Flyleaf concert. Perhaps we’ll find more insight and profundity.