Monday, October 08, 2007

windows on the present

windows on the present
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I know that I've posted several photos involving this Carolina First building. But, I promise, each is for a different reason. Truth is, one could sit here and shoot at this building on the hour, every hour and get subtleties of change in the window reflections. I am all about subtleties. Nuance.
Heck, I take thousands of shots of the moon. How boring could that be?
Never boring.
Always different.
She shows us the same face every night, but that face is held slightly differently.
This building always faces the same way and shows the same stone and glass. But that stone and glass shows more than itself.
Aren't we the same way? Aren't we seen according to our contexts? I'm fortunate enough that my contexts actually reflect parts of me. But though those contexts and expressions are all closely related, I am more than any one of them can express. Their connections aren't evidenced by any single manifestation.

I love to sit and watch this building reflect it's context. I love to watch it sit there, stone solid, unwavering, and yet express empathy to everything around.
It knows what is going on and it shows on its face. If the building across the street is feeling organized, symmetrical, and ordered, it can look into this building and see itself.
If the building feels jagged, chaotic, unsettled, squiggly, it can look across and see its own situation reflected, felt and expressed by a neighbor.
I want to be like that building. Strong, unmoving, solid, and beautiful. But I want my beauty to depend greatly on the reflections of those around me.