Sunday, March 16, 2008

Café Rodrigo decor

Café Rodrigo decor
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If you were to join me for a cup of Sumatra or Rwanda at my kitchen table while Anathallo, or Samuel Barber, or Johnny Cash, or John Rutter, or Sufijan Stevens played as the backdrop to conversation, during a pensive moment between words, while an English soprano searches for the breath support to rise on the phrase, "pie Jesu," your wandering gaze may fall upon the coffee pot, keeper of quiet moments. Probably, you would then raise your eyes and see these jars nestled in the corner above the cabinets, keeping watch over the room. They've seen a thousand blessed family meals received, conversations, gathered friends, and lovers' quarrels and mended deep intimacy.

It is the 6th Sunday of Lent, Palm Sunday. Holy week begins, and I'm taking inventory.