Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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apparently, at one point in my life, I was convinced that given the two choices, one was right and one was wrong.
On whether to quit a good job, move south, and go back to grad school early in our marriage, I agonized for months, convinced that should I make the wrong decision, the world would screech to a halt, and the sun would burn out. Eventually, my wise bro-in-law, informed me that he was pretty sure that not every pair of choices represented a right and wrong. In fact, either could be equally blessed.
Life is not a series of excruciatingly complex, life or death, right or wrong antitheses. Make no mistake, there are times when we are confronted with this kind of decision, but that is not the everyday norm of life. Probably, in the bigger picture, it doesn't make a lot of difference whether you choose JIF or Skippy, even if you are a choosy mother. Kellogg's or Post, will probably neither make or break you. Probably even(gasp) regular or decaf, should you be of the type who contemplates these things.
So, my advice, for what it's worth, is to pause, consider the options, weigh the ramifications, contemplate a preference, and all things being equal, flip a coin and get on with your life.
If there is free joe involved, all the better, whether it be starbucks, caribou, community, 8 o'clock, folger's or maxwell house.