Thursday, November 15, 2007

wife's a blur

wife's a blur
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Allison and I went to see David Crowder Band together last night. Well, more accurately, we saw David Crowder Band together last night. I met her downtown with tickets in hand, so we didn’t actually go there together. We held each other through two opening bands and bounced together through the Crowder set. I guess you could say that we managed, in the midst of our separate orbits and spinning, to collide for a moment within some wonderful music.
When I walked her to her car after the concert, I missed her cue to let me know she wanted to go out for a bite. She said, in typical female fashion, “so I’ll see you at home?” To which I replied in typical male fashion, “well I certainly hope so!” I was so fried, I misinterpreted her “question”, and she was so pumped, she didn’t realize how fried she was. So we planned for a few intimate moments at home with a cup of community.
We arrived home separately to find Jack still up doing homework. This quickly relieved her of the Crowder Bounce Pump, and she crashed within 15 minutes.
So there you have it. That’s as close as we’ve come to Rod and Allison time in quite a span of time. Chances are, each of us has had plenty of moments during which we could have had time for one another. But those moments have been scattered within chaos, and experienced quite apart from one another. I did not even see her awake on Tuesday. When I kissed her as she slept, she sighed audibly and my soul groaned. She was gone when I woke this morning at 7:10, and I’ll return home after 9:00 tonight.
We’re moving in different hemispheres. One of us is Argentinian and one is Norwegian.
I am so looking forward to spending a few uninterrupted Eucharistic days next week holding her hand in an ocean of family. That will be feast enough for me.

I love you Allison. You are the axis on which my world turns. Your tilt brings me autumn colors and spring blossoms; summer walks in the surf, and early winter evenings for extra cuddles by the fire.