Monday, October 22, 2007

pushing up cedars

pushing up cedars
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Many people resting beneath these moss-dripping cedars were born in Ireland before the United States was a country. They made their way here near the turn of the 19th century and many having been resting for 200 years, since long before these cedars sprouted from the ground.
My mind free-associates as I stop awhile and take in the evidence of an era. I’ve spent most of my life with my arms and fingers wrapped around cedar, rosewood and mahogany, drawing melodies from the tone wood.
When my fingers have curled, and knuckles gnarled, and my songs are trapped in my heart, I think I’d do well to lie beneath an ancient cedar while her roots circle my bones and draw nourishment for strength and sonority.
I believe I’ll drive back out there with my sonorous cedar box and play for these Irishmen and their consorts.
Maybe Jack will bring his fiddle.