Thursday, February 21, 2008

yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah
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Willby is our second son - middle child of 3. The only thing worse than being a middle child, is having your birthday 3 days after your older brother, and 11 days after your dad.
Usually, when Will's birthday rolls around, there are a couple of stale leftover pieces of Jack's and my cakes, so there's really no need to bake one for him. Usually it's hard to press a candle down into the hardened cake-like leftovers, so we have to drip wax onto the top to get the candles to stand up.
Also, by then, Jack and I are usually tired of our worn-out birthday gifts, so we can just rewrap them and give them to Will. Sometimes, we have to give him new batteries though.
After celebrating 3 birthdays in 11 days, we're kinda tired of the whole hoopla, so instead of singing "happy birthday" to Will, we just sort of mumble, "yeah yeah yeah", or "yada yada yada," or some such.
All of this is fine with Will because he's the middle child. Were we actually to celebrate him and make him feel special in any way, he'd just be riddled with guilt for having made us go out of our way to make him happy. Guilt and happiness don't mix, so it's best that we just go through the motions and spare him the guilt. Will actually prefers that we don't even come home on his birthday until after he's gone to bed. That way he knows for sure that no one has put forth unnecessary effort in an attempt to bring him joy.
Thanks for being such a low-maintenence, effortless kid Will.
yada yada yada