Monday, March 10, 2008

spring up

spring up
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All weekend I’ve been listening to people worry, fret and complain about the change to daylight savings time. Everyone has seemed so aggravated with it, that it is very difficult for me to confess that I’m the numero uno biggest fan of DST. I love lighted evenings. Dusk may very well be my favorite time of day, but during standard time, it’s come and gone by the time I’m home to sit and absorb it. As much as I love it though, springing forward really puts a wrench in my clockworks. The first half of the day felt no different really, except that my Sunday afternoon nap need came as scheduled, which was an hour before the clock allowed. Refusing to fight it, I dozed off and revived. This dozing set me to rights so that my rejuvenated state felt that it was an hour earlier than the clock said it was and now it’s 2:00am, and I’m wide awake.
But don’t hear what I’m not saying. I am not complaining, just accounting for the day of adjustment. This adjustment has given me time to ponder on what a wonderful day it has been. Though crisp and cool, the sky was deep blue and the sun was bright, and the air was clear. Spring was buzzing and trying to wake up from being temporarily knocked out by last night’s freezing temps. Azaleas began bursting, daffodils trumpeted, and the tulips pushed higher up out of the dirt.
After an exceptional church service this morning, we stayed downtown, dined on Tex-Mex, and made our way over to St. Joseph’s to hear an afternoon performance of John Rutter’s Requiem. It was especially wonderful, after hearing the closing, “lux aeterna,” to walk out into an extra hour of light and warmth.
The entire day was tailor-made from the clock change, to the lectionary readings, to the choral afternoon, to the restless contemplation of tonight.