Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Back in December, Molly sang in a choir that performed at the Governor's Carol Lighting on the steps of the State House. This is a big celebration each year when losts of folks gather in the front lawn of the State House, and the State Christmas Tree is lit. There is lots of great music and the Governor gives a brief address.
We parked about 2 blocks away on a side street and hurried to the celebration. The kids jumped out of the back of the truck and left the door standing wide open. We returned 90 minutes later to find the door open, but left completely alone. Nothing taken, nothing bothered, no drunks asleep in the backseat.
Allison and I left the gym tonight at closing at 10:00 o'clock to find her truck sitting in the middle of an empty parking lot with the driver's side window busted out and her purse taken from under the passenger seat. Her purse was all that was missing. They even left Jack's iPod on the center console charging. Her purse contained no cash, but it did hold her SS card, Nursing license, Debit Card, and 3 credit cards. By 10:30, when we'd contacted all the banks, they had used one in two grocery stores for over $200 dollars, and another for $1 at a gas station. We were told that they'd swiped it to find out if it still worked after being rejected by the one that we'd already canceled.
It appears that someone watched us leave the truck and saw her hide her purse under the seat. They must have immediately been there, and I think, were probably seen. Otherwise, they would have made off with more than her purse. Especially the iPod.
How in the world do you break out a truck window, and steal a purse in a crowded parking lot without being seen?
So now we've got one vehicle dead in the driveway, and the other without a driver side window and shattered glass all over the interior.
It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.
I don't even know how to pay for the repair bill for the window.