Monday, January 09, 2006

up close

I took Dan out to show him the moon. Up close. We couldn't bear the fact that we didn't have the camera adapter yet, so decided to try to get a shot anyway. Tonight was the first night that there was enough moon for the camera to see through the eyepiece, and enough light to use a fast enough shutter speed just to free-hand through the eyepiece. It took some shutter speed experimenting, and manual focus, but not bad for a rigged up photo without a camera adapter.
We also looked at Mars, Saturn (with rings), and the Orion Nebula. Gotta wait for the adapter for pics of those things though, because the shutter has to stay open, and I can't hold the camera. I'm trying to be patient.
So here it is - the first pic taken from the new telescope. They'll get better, I promise.