Wednesday, December 28, 2005

it's not that cold, eh?

What else do you expect from a vacationing blogger? A vacation journal.
Today, I did nothing until mid-afternoon. Nearly everyone went shopping, so I had the apartment to myself. I wrote, took some pictures, read, wrote some more, took some more pictures, and read some more. At some point, I realized that Allison wasn't going to come back in time for us to work out together, so I went to the gym by myself.
This gym was very different from the one we patronized yesterday. One can know the atmosphere of a fitness facility simply by noting what flavor of eighties music that is being played over the sound system. Yesterday, the music was of the single first name variety, Sting, Madonna, Tiffany, and the duplicate word name ilk. Duran Duran, Mister Mister, Oingo Boingo, (well I guess by inserting an extra letter into the duplicate second word, Danny Elfman was exhibiting a creative, innovative move toward a new era by breaking out of the mold). Today's gym though, played a lot more hair band music and since the style really didn't change into the early nineties, there was a wider time span of bands included, though it was about the same variety of styles. No variety. So, fitting with the musical style, most of the folks in today's gym had shaved heads and mucho tattoos and lifted to the beats of Scorpions, Metallica, Guns n Roses, and Limozeen. It had a much more relaxed atmosphere without all the polo shirts and all - just black muscle shirts and the occasional camo patterned shorts. The equipment too, was much more bare-bones and I had better workout as a result.
I returned home just after the shopping tribe and found supper ready and waiting in the form of tacos.
After dinner many of us headed to the pool and three of us, Molly, Rah-rah, and I all took a dip in the ocean. Yes, it is December, and No, we're not Candadian, but we are adventurous, awesome, and daring. At least three of us are. And Molly and I both went in twice. We've decided that we will try to dare others to go in tomorrow. But honestly, we're not that influential as pressuring peers.