Saturday, December 24, 2005

and I, in You

Time may be a-wasting, but it’s not too late. I suspect that even Mary and Joseph were hurried and bustling up until time was full. They had come for the census you know. Bethlehem swollen to X times its size, folks crowding the streets, standing in lines to be counted and accounted for, IDs being checked, information gathered, pushed around, bullied, vendors accosting them as they passed. Probably a trip much like tonight. The young couple longed for rest and peace and quiet.
And when the quiet came, it was broken by the cries of the pangs of labor, the first to share in Christ’s suffering in the pain required to bring new life. Joyous sounds of cries in the night as new life takes its first breath – a breath that will be breathed upon all of humanity. A breath offered to all who will breathe it in. A warm breath I can feel tonight. A whisper in the bustling din, “receive my Spirit.”

Jesus of all who will receive you, come be born in us tonight.