Thursday, December 22, 2005


Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Hola (that’s “hello” in another language) from the Lewises.

We hope Christmas finds you merry, and the New Year finds you happy.
We thank you for your Christmas family updates in recent years, although we’ve not really been able to sit down and catch you up on progress, growth, annual synopsis, goings-on in our family. We’ve still appreciated yours. This year, we’ve managed to carve out a moment to re-cap the year for you who wonder what is happening in our lives.
We’ve been very blessed in 2005. Though we’ve been challenged and stretched in many ways, we’ve come out kicking, bent, not broken; cracked, but intact; stretched, not rent.
Rod was finally released in late November, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, had there been one, and is overjoyed and thankful to be back. Allison was able to quit her 4th job now that Rod is available to rake neighbors’ leaves to make up for the loss of that income. Allison is using the extra time to do the kids’ laundry and fix some dinner. It’s been a long time coming. Rod enjoys being able to relax and read the paper when Allison cooks and cleans after coming home from her 3rd job. It provides for quality family time.
The kids have had a great year. Will was allowed back in school in October and has only missed 12 days since then. His teachers seem encouraged, and he has been able to pay for most of the damage. Molly, as usual, has had a great school year, and was voted most likely to overcome her upbringing. We’re so proud of her. One of the teachers, in particular, has taken an interest in her, and has allowed her to practically move in with her. Props to Ms. Famcheque.
Jack has really been fine once we removed all evidence and reminders. He really misses his violin. His adoration for Paganini was extraordinary.
Since Thanksgiving, we’ve had several great family times together. On Dec. 2, we went to Walmart together to look for socks to replace the pair that Will left at the bus stop. Then, on the 11th, we all gathered on the back porch to watch two stray cats slugging it out in the backyard. These are the things of which nostalgia is made.
No reason to think the coming year won’t be as blessed and full of joy as the one past. We’re sorry if 2005 hasn’t been as wonderful for you, but we realize that the Lord gives according to our goodness. Keep trying, that’s all I know to tell ya.

May your days be merry and bright,
Rod, for the fam.