Wednesday, December 28, 2005

how was your day?

We had Christmas dinner today with Allison’s family. Two Stormses, four Beseckers, two Tanners, and five Lewises dining in a beach condo. We had Christmas breakfast on Sunday at 2:00pm, so this was a long time coming. The Lewises anyway, were pretty hungry.
Having gone to bed at 7:30 after the sun appeared, I slept until almost 10:00 and woke to an empty apartment. Everyone had gone for provisions, so I moseyed out of bed, consumed too many Aussie Bites, and dialed up a seven-year-itch internet connection.
Shortly, the peeps all came back and Allison and I headed off to the gym with Rah-rah and Jack in tow. We returned late enough to have missed most of the dinner preparations, but early enough to participate in its consumption.
After dinner we exchanged gifts and hung out and watched for the first person to break the after dinner fast by grabbing at the Chex Mix, or cookies or something.
Yes, it was a joyful, leisurely, fambly-filled day.
The ocean is at low-tide with calm waves wafting their calm, wavy noise in through balcony door.
It’s 1:00 o’clock and all is well.