Thursday, December 29, 2005

mom and dad on the beach

today was picture day. We all donned pastels and khaki and gathered upon the beach for a family portrait. Since the photographer was me, we took 135 pictures in hopes that one would be suitable. Each family unit was decked in a different color, and I must say that 9/13 of us were very pretty.
After the picture taking we dispersed to acquire less pretty threads and Rah-rah and I went to the gym. We went to the hairband gym.
Supper was on the table when we got back. Lasagna with cheese cake for desert. Fireworks on the beach followed, a gathering around the computer to look at the photographs, and finally, Will and I went swimming for a while. No one went into the ocean.
So, sorry the vacation blog journal is a bit dry today, but a year from now, I'll read it and know exactly what went down on Dec. 29, 2005.
I've posted a pic that Jack took this afternoon.