Tuesday, January 03, 2006

when you wish...

Did you ever think to yourself, “boy, that Rod, he seems like a nice enough guy, but his intelligence level sure leaves something to be desired?” How about, “Gee, that Rod, he seems to be a thinker, he just doesn’t have a lot to work with?” Or maybe, “My, that Rod, he could sure stand to do some reading.”
Do you ever find yourself with more money than you can possibly know what to do with? Do you ever reach into your pocket and find a 20, and think to yourself, “my, wouldn’t it be nice if this 20 could somehow fertilize the landscape on which Rod’s thoughts and questions take shape?”
If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may find it interesting that Rod, too, has had similar thoughts, (though only partially formed). Having recently received from Santa, a telescope to share with his daughter, it has ocurred to him that though the stars are beautiful to observe and fodder for the pensive ponderance of the observer's teensie-weensieness, they are rather worthless objects upon which to wish. As a result, he has assembled an Amazon.com wish list to help you become a benefactor in the cause of this dangerous human being.
You should not feel sad, if you are unable to contribute by clicking the convenient buttons found on the wish list, because Rod’s place of employment actually provides a nearly generous allowance for the acquisition of reading material. However, the wish list is reserved for the more dangerous titles that Rod may not have the guts to purchase for himself, but if he somehow found himself in possession of them would feel obligated to read them, and ponder the thoughts sent forth.
So after you’ve tithed, fed the poor, paid for your short-term mission trip, gone to see “Walk the Line”, and purchased “Greetings from Michigan, the Great Lakes State,” and find that left over 20, maybe give a visit to Rod’s wish list. You’ll be glad you did.
And don't forget, used is good, sometimes, someone else has already written the answers in.