Saturday, October 22, 2005

a splash of color

Purple on gray. That's what I was tonight. I guess that's what I always am. Tonight it was on the surface though. Gray suit with a purple boutonniere. It shed a whole different timbre to my guitar playing.
When I got home and changed and tried to relax, I decided to take a ride and watch the moon come up. I put on a long sleeved t-shirt and a gray sweatshirt and pinned the purple boutonniere onto the sweatshirt, and rode off into the cool, October darkness. I don't know if tattoos and boutonnieres will become the new fashion statement for bikers, but it sure felt right tonight. Nobody could see me anyway, it was too dark, and I was going way too fast.
I hit highway 6 and wound through the gears into the black horizon until I reached a clearing and could see the moon coming up. She peeped HUGE and orange against the black sky. I felt like we were going on a date. She, all orange on black, and me, all purple on gray. Wind all around. I wondered if she could see me.
I watched her until she started to fade into white as she rose higher in the sky, and I turned back toward home, banking and cranking along the white lines and riding way too fast with a purple vapor trail in the October night.