Wednesday, October 12, 2005

taking it to the streets

Sometimes you can have an aha moment that is such an epiphany that it defies words. Sometimes the aha is a concise, clear way of saying something, or representing a concept that forms in your brain, but when the attempt is made to say something in this concise and clear way, you realize that it was still only a concise and clear concept that formed in your brain, and that it still eludes verbiage. Sometimes the new concise and clear way of way turns out to be just as verbose and muddy as the other way. The resulting thought frustrated thought process is something like, "AHA!!! - Darn".
Sometimes the aha is merely something that has suddenly become clear to you, but once clear, you realize that everyone else already knew and understood it. This results in something like, "AHA!!!!! - duh."
Today, I was thinking some more about the way we misunderstand Jesus things and often apply kingdom concepts to earthly methodologies. I was thinking more about our ill-fated attempts to imitate Jesus' methods and teachings, but seem to get the two mixed mixed up. I sometimes wonder if we are so content merely to invite folks to come to Jesus, because he used conceptual verbiage that sounds like this. Jesus said, "All who are thirsty, come..." So we set up shop, gather for worship, and then advertise our church as a space for people to come and receive the gospel. But Jesus never created a space to invite people to come to, he always came to them and then invited them to come with him. He began this by coming to earth. He continued by going about and gathering his disciples rather than putting an ad in the classifieds. He went to the shore to get the fishermen, he went to the money table to get the tax collector. He went to the well to bring living water to the Samaritan woman. He didn't ask us to come and die, he went to the cross and invited us to follow him.
It seems to me like more than a nuanced difference between the Field of Dreams mentality and the acting of taking the gospel to the people who need good news.