Wednesday, May 27, 2009

birth of the strawberry moon

birth of the strawberry moon
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I think I've done a fairly decent job lately keeping my lunar love affair in check. But summer's come, and the summer sky contains fewer non-lunar objects of affection. Already, Orion has ceased hunting and is resigned to eating jerky and smoked sausage until his season opens once again.
The Great Bear is nearly straight overhead circling my deck every night, his tail like the hour hand of my watch.
Last night, I sat on the front porch watching the rain drops grow fewer while I waited on Allison to come back from her dusk run. The clouds began to break up and there above the trees was my first glimpse of the Strawberry Moon.
I whispered gratitude for the break in the clouds and snapped a photo of the newborn.
Bring on the berries baby moon.
Summer is waxing.
I've got my rubber sandals and straw hat.
I'll see you in October, Orion.