Friday, February 27, 2009

desiring beauty

desiring beauty
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I think it’s probably common, if not normal for people to face each day desiring to be confronted with beauty. Certainly, I begin each day with that very conscious desire.
Of course not only to see, feel, and experience beauty, but even
to know beauty,
to create beauty,

speak beauty –

to BE beautiful.

I want to be beautiful!

Maybe that’s a confession, or maybe it is simply admitting something that
everyone already knows about me –
something that everyone knows about everyone.

We all want to be beautiful.

Truly though, I have none of my own. Nor do you, I’m pretty sure. Realizing this shortly after I wake, I revert to my original desire of being confronted with beauty. I don’t have to settle for encountering beauty. Confrontation, that’s what I want.
Don’t walk by, Rod, face it head-on. There’s plenty of it out there midst the broken, fallen, decaying mediocrity. We walk by it every day. That’s what encountering amounts to - walking by.
Confrontation stops you in your tracks.

“My that’s beautiful,” you have to say.
And you take it with you ruminate over it throughout the day.

Who knows? If beauty confronts me often enough, and I’m wise enough to grapple with it, perhaps some will rub off, sink in, spill out and perhaps one day, if I’m very very blessed,
I might be able to confront someone myself someday.