Wednesday, February 25, 2009

being beautiful

being beautiful
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Suppose you learned you would become beautiful for 18 hours.
Suppose your time came to be beautiful and you found yourself locked up all alone in an empty building during your entire beauty period. Maybe you’d press your face to the window and scream, “look at me, I’m beautiful! It’s fleeting, Don’t miss it!” But since you’re stuck on the 5th floor, no one could see you anyway.
Even though you’re all alone, the 18 hours would no doubt fly by much faster than you’d like. Probably, toward the end of your beautiful period, you’d begin to realize that you weren’t made beautiful for people to see. Being seen beautiful may have nothing to with being beautiful. Regardless of how long it took you to figure it out, you realize that it is good that you’ve learned that if you’re beautiful, it is important just to be beautiful (emphasis on BE), whether or not anyone is looking. If you truly realized this, when you returned to normal, you may find that you are still beautiful.