Tuesday, January 20, 2009

feet of lincoln

feet of lincoln
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Everyone knows that I've always got a lot to say after a very meaningful event. This morning, as I sat with the world and watched the 44th U.S. President be sworn in, thoughts and emotions rolled. But I know that I can say nothing that hasn't been said, and prompt no thoughts that haven't already been thought. So I'll keep my mouth shut, and ponder internally the strides that have been made, even as I ponder the strides left to take.
Instead of rambling on, I thought I'd post this shot of my kids standing at Lincoln's feet about 10 years ago.
I am not growing up in the same America that my parents did, and my kids are not growing up in the same America that I did.

There are lots of broken things in our world right now, but I do believe that when relationships heal, lots of other broken things begin to mend. But broken relationships cause everything to get infected.