Monday, December 01, 2008

Advent 1.1 : Assessing Assessment

A proper balance within views of yesterday, today and tomorrow, would perhaps include a tension that understood Yesterday as a powerful inspiration of endurance, hope, and promises kept. Today might be seen as a great gift even while Tomorrow is anticipated with great hope.
So while Tomorrow deserves our anticipation and hope (not our worries), Today is where we’re put.
Yes, it’s always Today.
Today is where we find ourselves.

Of course this brings to light a third focus in addition to methodology and theology. This oft out-of-focus focus is Spirituality. It is a terrible travesty that we find its elusive definition mostly by methodological means, and seek its meaning only in theological understanding.
But methodology is the work of the hands, and theology is the work of the mind, but the spirit transcends both.
To reduce spirituality to practice and knowledge is to find one’s self forever waiting. Forever dismounted, out-of-balance, and feeling discarded, forever in a surreal environment.

May we find ourselves in every Today until Tomorrow actually arrives, but when it does arrive, may we be found ready. May we keep our tires mounted and balanced, to paraphrase a Jesus metaphor. In fact, in the Gospel of Mark, he even says we need to keep our engines running (again – paraphrased).
But while our tires are mounted and balanced, and our engines are running, we mustn’t forget that the day now is and much of what we’re waiting for is ready to be grasped – Today.