Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Originally uploaded by rod lewis
God of paint and canvas,
Have mercy on us.
God of light and composition,
Hear our prayer

God of pen and paper,
of Phrase and
line-break, Have mercy on us

God of Sound and Silence,

Hear our prayer.

God of Melody and Rhythm,
God of strophe and refrain
God of diction and dialect
Have mercy on us

God of the mops and washing machines
of the weed-eater and lawnmower
Hear our prayer

God of breakfast, lunch and dinner
God of hockey, ballet, band and ball
Have mercy on us
God of accountants and weekend warriors
God of admin assistants and closet poets
Hear our prayer

We’ve abandoned you in our abandoned ambitions.
We are masters of the mundane,
bereft of expression.
Our focus is short of the sunsets you paint.
Our sleepy eyes miss the eruption of
multi-chromatic mercies.
The hum of HVAC drowns the rustle of leaves.

We’ve replaced your art
with our mediocrity,
We’ve replaced our art
with daily drudgery.
Even the daily glory of the grind,
The beauty in the banal, is
Lost on us in our rush.
Show us your creativity in our craft,

Let us feel your pleasure in
A colored canvas and unmade bed.
Smile on our song,
and dirty dinner dishes.
Show us the beauty of a floor
Swept as unto the Lord.

Grant us the solace of solitude,
Grant us the comfort of community.
Teach us the art of hospitality,
And how to be received.

God of form and function,
God of shape and line,

Hear our prayer.