Sunday, December 31, 2006

in review

2006. It’s gone. Gone like a year on January 1. Gone like the day when it gets dark. For that matter, gone like the night when the sun comes up. Gone.

It was a year, all right. 365 days, it was. Started at the beginning and finished at the end, it did. Life toiled and spun like so much toiling and spinning. And then it ended. The year, that is. Truth is, tomorrow will feel no different and the toiling and spinning will go on unaffected. Most likely. Barring some miracle or major catastrophe. Either way, life might stop toiling and spinning.

It was a big year for me. I spent a week on a tiny Caribbean island with a beautiful girl. Brought her home with me too. Yeah, that was a good thing. I started a Flickr site too. Had to have someplace to put pictures of the island week.

Back in October, my 3rd blogiversary passed without my notice. Actually I noticed it a few weeks later, but felt kinda silly celebrating online at that point. So I just let it pass. The New Year is harder not to notice though. There is a lot of noise outside what with all the kids blowing stuff up and all. So it occurred to me, must be the New Year or something, I should probably give a 2006 blog retrospective in lieu of my missed blogiversary blog. Thought maybe I could link to my ten most favorite ramblings from the past year.
So I skimmed through this years blogs and I gotta tell ya. Slim pickin’s. Indeed. Not much there folks. Even so, I had a hard time sorting through a year’s worth of mediocrity and coming up with only ten. So I allowed myself a few extra, and came up with these, the best Rod had to offer in 2006. It's possible that some of these don't belong on the list. It's possible that I might have missed some worthy mediocrity. But these are the ones I noticed as I browsed.

I really don’t expect you to click any of these links. Honestly, I don’t expect anyone to come here and find them, but you never know. So I thought I put them out there anyway. You never know what will be of interest to your grandkids.

So here they are – the 2006 cyberdeck dialogue retroblogspective. In no particular order. Read it and weep.

Paul and the Areopagus
Music of the spheres
Expression of What?
Tourist, Pilgrim and Traveler
Creating, Accumulating and Chipping Away
Agnus Dei
Cat Tale
Reaping Songs
Daddy’s Thoughts
14th Night of the Purple Moon
On Being One at Sunset
Dag Yo!

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