Thursday, July 20, 2006

yellow buses and chevy trucks

Today, while stopped at a signal light in an intersection, heading east, I saw my Uncle Roy, waiting for the light to change so that he could continue North. He was not on my list of people I expected to see today. Total surprise. His hair was same as the last time I saw him, his window rolled down and arm rested on the door with elbow out. He was driving a slate gray, Uncle-Roy-vintage Chevy pick-up truck, as he always did.
I sat staring at him across the road until the light turned green, and he crossed in front of me and went on his way. It’s been 7 years since I’ve seen him and I wanted to take it in. I stared back in time, I relived moments and experiences and events. I laughed at silly funnies, and quick wit.
I watched his license plate drive around the bend and lost sight of him, but I drove on down the road thankful to have caught a glimpse.

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