Sunday, June 25, 2006


As I posted the previous entry, and glanced at post as it wisped away into cyberspace, I had a very clear déjà vu. I distinctly remembered having posted the same thing before. The recollection was so overwhelming that I wondered if Pastor Don had made the same funny some time ago and I’d responded with the exact same blog. Though it is likely that a pastor would make the same joke more than once in the same situation, I dismissed the likelihood that I’d responded before in the same way, but couldn’t get the clarity of the déjà vu out of my head.
So I did a search on my blogs. Nothing. Tonight’s was the first. That is such an eerie feeling. I pondered the eeriness for a moment and then distinctly remembered being told recently that Chris Rice had died.
Chris Rice?
Why would I even have been talking about him? Well, I did mention to Molly that I really liked his song, “Untitled Hymn”, which for the longest time I thought was Fernando Ortega. Since the song is now 3 years old, it is beginning to be played on Christian radio. Come to think of it, that is enough reason to wonder if he is still living. But apparently he is. I obsessed on that too, and began googling all things Chris Rice to be sure that there was no unhappy news to found.
Must have dreamt it. I did have an extra long, fit-filled, restless nap yesterday. Who knows what confusing memories will emerge over the next couple days, or even in the distant future, that I will not realize were born of a fitful afternoon nod?
Sometimes it takes me hours to recover from a dream that I remember and realize is a dream. It is even harder when you don’t remember having the dream.
So then I visit Chris’ website to link you to him, and lo, what should be on the front page? “to sleep, perchance to dream – random thoughts on my favorite activity.”
Hmmm.. ooohoooh.
Am I old, or just weird?
Don't answer that.

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