Sunday, May 28, 2006


three times in my life I've had the fortune to see that most majestic of birds, the Bald Eagle. The first time, I was playing guitar on a dock on the Saluda river when I saw him from a great distance, flying at the tree tops straight toward me, following the river. He flew directly over my head. I turned and watched him continue in the same way he'd approached me.
The second eagle I saw was perched on a limb beside an I-77 bridge across a river. He sat there until we were almost beside him then he dove off the limb toward the water. It was a beautiful sight. Will was in the back seat, and though I was making an excited attempt to tell him where to look, he never saw him, and cried from disappointment.
The third sighting came yesterday. Will and I took a long motorcycle ride and were headed home down a country road when we saw him crossing in front of us. We slowed and watched him fly to our left until he was out of sight. Slow, relaxed, purposeful, he beat those long wings about once per second. I turned around make sure Will could see him, and saw Will's eyes as big as saucers behind his face shield.
When we got home Will told me what the eagle was saying as he flew away from us. Evidently, Will had recorded him, even over the roar of the motorcycle engine. I don't know though, he sounds strangely like a caricatured Khalil. Anyway, you can decide for yourself if this is really the eagle. Here's the soundfile.