Saturday, May 27, 2006

an aside

I don't think it would really be fair, now that I've announced the topic of my next 46 blogs, if that were all I was allowed to think about and experience. So from time to time, I'll have to post something unrelated. And just because this post is unrelated, it doesn't mean that I've abandoned my windy diatribe of wrong roads and progressively turning back.
So the aside is that I've posted some more photos on flickr to add to the ones from the canyon in February. Some of them are new and some are old. I really like taking pics, and I really like flickr. So there it is. Come visit me there. I've also placed a way cool flash animated flickr badge in my sidebar, so you can see bitty little baby thumbnails of my pics moving around. If you click one, it will take you right to the larger version of the photo.
If you're unfamiliar with flickr, you'll be thrilled to find that you can download the pics, email them, print them, have them sent to a printing place, arrange them in your own flickr collection, tag them, etc., lots of cool things you can do with flickr pics. You can even ignore them entirely. Or if you have a response to them, you can leave a comment. The COOLEST thing though, is that they are in a RSS feed. So you can subscribe and instantly know when I've uploaded another cool picture!
So head on over there and take a look at my obsession with my kids and the moon.

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