Tuesday, May 16, 2006

renaissance man

As I’ve discussed on these cyber pages before, C. S. Lewis says that pride is the biggie. He says that Satan will even help us to overcome simple sinful behaviors because our overcoming can create pride and that is far worse than the sin we’ve overcome, but much more acceptable. However, he clearly states that there are things for which we use the word pride that are perfectly natural and acceptable - for instance, the pride we feel for our children. So I’m going to bank on Brother Jack’s approval and swell up with a large dose.
Will’s school Award Ceremony was held tonight, during which he was named “Male Student of the Year”. The presenter described him as a “true renaissance man.” I couldn’t think of a better description of Will. When I tried to think of another description, Allison added “sunshine.” Yes, that would describe him as well. Everyone knows that Will lights up a room, it is so magic to know that he also lights up his school.
I often get what I consider challenges from well meaning friends and colleagues who ask about my decision to send my children to public school. I usually find it odd that it would be viewed as a decision. If I ever felt the need to send them elsewhere, then that would be a decision. So my answer to why public school? Salt and light. Keep your savor, and don’t hide under a bowl. Tonight my son’s teachers confirmed that he is light. Sunshine. We already knew that he is spicy.
Before tonight, Will, I was proud of you. Tonight I am so proud that my pride is validated by your teachers. Ha, so it’s not just me, eh?
Too often in this world, beauty goes unnoticed. But I guess there are things that are just too beautiful to miss. Thank you Will, for being you. You bring light to everyone in the house, in the same way, you light your light shine before men so that they might see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

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