Sunday, June 18, 2006

more daddy thoughts

Tonight when I went upstairs to pray over Will, he told me about how much the prayers work to calm him, make him feel safe and give him peace at bedtime. I held him in silence for a few minutes and then he said, “…and I love it when you hug me. I can feel all your love pouring out of your muscles and it makes me feel good.”

So that confirms it. I am a metaphor. I am a physical, flesh and blood, muscle and bone representative to my kids of the love and care God has for them. He sends the Spirit of Peace, and I am His arms to wrap my children. And in the strangest paradox, at the same time, I represent how other and above the heavenly Father is. I am but a man. If my arms feel so safe and my heart so giving, imagine His. If my children ask for something to eat, I would never give them a rock; or if they asked for a fish, I would never give them a snake. If I, an evil man, know how to give good things to and care for my children, imagine how much more will our Father in heaven give good gifts when we ask?

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