Sunday, April 02, 2006


the kids and I trekked over to House of Blues tonight to see Switchfoot. I mentioned to them the possibility of doing this on Wednesday night, but Molly was too wise to be fooled. "Dad," she exclaimed, "Saturday is April Fools day, and I SERIOUSLY doubt there is any Switchfoot concert! We're not going to believe you." Her reluctance rubbed off on the boys, who also began to doubt. But Molly doubted so much that she went to google and tried to find out if I was pulling their collective leg. As it would happen, her internet skills aren't as strong as her April skepticism, and she was unable to find concert info for April 1. When I finally showed her the tickets this morning, she was still certain that though I seemed to be on the level, either Switchfoot and/or HOB couldn't be trusted, and were surely pulling a joke on us. I told her that would be the kind of corporate joke that would land someone in the slammer. She must have begun to believe a bit because she got in the car and rode all the way to Myrtle Beach.
As it turned out, the April Fool's twist was a good one. Rather than the advertised opening band of whom I'd never heard, the actual opening band was MuteMath, of whom my children had not heard, but whose voice they immediately recognized. I think Will enjoyed them more than Switchfoot, because of what he called all their "Sci-Fi" instruments. They really were very good, much better than my iTunes has testified. They reminded me of a 20 year updated version of the 77s.
Both bands were great, and we finished the evening with a short, chilly walk on the beach before driving home.

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