Sunday, January 22, 2006

another Molly date

Molly and I had another date last night. We had dinner and heard Ashley Cleveland at the Pavilion Coffee Shop. It was a great night. Molly’s BLT was GREAT(!), she said, and my Bacon Burger with Swiss and mushrooms was, well GREAT(!) too. As the concert progressed, Molly enjoyed a cup of Green Tea with honey, and I, several cups of the Java.
Ashley Cleveland was phenomenal. Two hours of a gutsy, blues/rock voice and a Gibson acoustic guitar. The bulk of what she did consisted of the “hymns” I grew up with, “Revive us Again” (by my request), “Power in the Blood”, “Nothing but the Blood”, “Come Ye Sinners”, “It is Well”, etc., but with a gutsy, blues style that caused you to hear all over again.
Molly loved it, and had to have an album and autograph, which she got, on account of a dad that also wanted the same.
When we got home I found that although I only invited her to go moments before it was time to leave, she’d already blogged about going. It was an interesting read. But I think her reluctance was squelched in the cool coffee shop atmosphere with the BLT and Green Tea, and awesome Spirit-filled music.
Thanks Molly, for another great music date.