Sunday, August 28, 2005


It's Compassion Sunday. Seem like every moment of the year, in different increments, are claimed by various groups as the official time for something specific. There's the National Day of Prayer, Women's History Month, Earth Day, Gay Pride week, Souper Bowl Sunday. This is a very important day in my humble opinion. After each service this morning, the folks were invited to visit one of three tables set up with info and cards representing children in need of "adoption" by supporting families. In all, 50 cards were available today, and all 50 children were "adopted" before the third service began. It was very heartwarming.
Our family supports a young girl in The DR. Her name is Sibelus, and she has 8 brothers. We write to her and send her gifts and she writes to us. We pray for her and she prays for us. Molly, especially, has always referred to her as part of our family, and of course, she has her own family, who via our embrace of Sibelus has also become a part of ours.
Jesus' love and provision has a way of joining people who would otherwise never even know of one another. It reaches out touches folks in a network that still don't know of each other, but feel the web of community via our common connection.
Extra thoughts and prayers tonight for the Montero family in the DR.