Friday, August 12, 2005

have mercy, been waitin'...

I blogged a ton today, but it was all verbal. Poor wife had to sit and listen to my rants until friend called for lunch and rescued her. Sometimes I just get so riled up.
It was a long day, I guess plenty of time for thought. I was up very late last night (actually every night this week) (well, actually every night, period.) and expected to sleep in a bit this morning. Alas, it was not to be. Allison went to Walmart to re-stock the cupboards after she sent the wee ones to the bus stop. Molly came pounding on my door 20 minutes later to tell me she'd missed the bus. Second day of school - already missed the bus. Seems she'd arrived 5 minutes early, but the bus had already gone. She waited 20 minutes thinking that she was so early no one was there yet. So I had to haul my sorry self out of bed and drive her to school.
Once up, I couldn't get the sweet memory of the aromatic flavor of bold Sumatran out of my head, so I made some when I got home and sat and thought for awhile until Allison got back. I'd had plenty of time to get riled about a lot of different things by then, so she sat patiently and nodded now and then and even encouraged my fury a couple times. What a trooper. Aren't you glad she took it for you so that you don't have to read it now?
I spent the afternoon learning a new song, planning 3 worship services, praying for clear Perseid skies tonight, and going to the gym.
The sky just broke after an evening of overcast, but we haven't turned toward the meteors yet. I'm still here though.
I think a bold Sumatran start to the day, calls for a bold compline.