Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where in North America is Uncle Rod? day 7

Maine Moose

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Parkman, ME
0 (1,797)

So I’m sitting still in Parkman, Maine, feeling really strange about not moving. Not making geographic progress. I have to remind myself that progress is not so small a concept that it can’t be happening while you’re not moving. I’m doing what I came on this trip to do. How easily I confuse my purpose with my methodology. How easily the riding of the bike from one point to the next supersedes the purpose of riding the bike from one point to the next. I’m at a point, and stuck there for longer than normal. But unless I realize that this doesn’t stop progress, I can’t make progress without moving. I feel like a cowboy that is stopped in his tracks for some dust storm, or washed out pass or something. Holed up and waiting it out.
This afternoon, I rode with the Johnstons in a van to see a bit of the North Woods and to look for Moose. We saw 10! And I saw some very beautiful country. The rain continued all day, but there was a moment, at the Canada border when the sun broke through a thin spot in a cloud and momentarily shown light. A few miles back down, we looked back over a lake and saw Canada’s sunlight spilling onto the water and the side of a mountain. All the while, it was raining. It was raining when I took a picture of the sunshine.
But it was nice to relax and take a respite from worrying about everything being wet.