Friday, May 30, 2008


Originally uploaded by rod lewis
I got up very early this morning. The sky was grey as dark faded. Thick clouds blocked the sun as I made coffee and cleaned the kitchen.
My emotions bounced back and forth as I listened to lighthearted, happy music of Sufjan Stephens, and contemplated the depth of seriousness, despair, and hope in the lyrics.
Some days you need the day to define you, other days you need the day to express you.
The day was expressing me quite well, I needed to be defined, from outside myself.

As I sat at the kitchen table writing from my contemplative heart, I noticed a rainbow on my hand when I put it up to lean my chin on it. There’s a prism hanging in our window, and break in a cloud directed a beam through it to my face.
It is quite clear that I have no beauty of my own. Everything that I have to smile about comes from without and changes me within.
I will be patient sitting in shades of grey under heavy skies waiting for a beam of refracted light to cast color and beauty on my weathered grey face.

Shine a light through the clouds.
Separate the wavelengths.
Cast colors on my monochrome soul.