Monday, April 14, 2008


Originally uploaded by rod lewis

A few years ago, when my love affair with the moon first reached ridiculous proportions, I longed for a telescope to see her more closely. I wanted deeper insight into her mysteries.
Eventually, I realized that her mysteries were no more explained by visual inspection than were the mysteries of my wife explained by the study of biology, or for that matter, even by closer inspection of her beautiful surface.
By now, though, I realize that closer inspection doesn't necessarily explain mysteries. Understanding mysteries, if possible, doesn't necessarily cause greater appreciation. Appreciating superficial beauty and detail, doesn't necessarily evidence a lack of depth.

I love my wife much more deeply than her skin and shape, and external beauty, but I certainly love her skin, her shape, and her external beauty. I believe that in our quest to become less superficial and more holistic, we often exclude and objectify just as blatantly as we did otherwise. We simply objectify different aspects.
As far as physicality goes, I find it a very immature love that loves "in spite of." A growing love begins to cherish pocks and blemishes because "they are yours, and you are mine."
I don't know. That's just what I'm thinking about.