Monday, March 31, 2008

somewhere to elsewhere

somewhere to elsewhere
Originally uploaded by rod lewis
We’ve all, at some point, or even quite frequently, felt awkward, outside our element, like fish out of water. Perhaps most of us have an “in here” and “out there” view of the world. We will tend to keep ourselves within our comfort zones whenever possible.
It is also quite possible that our comfort zone is in no way physical. Maybe we are happiest in a “what if” world, or a “someday” era. Maybe regardless of where we find ourselves physically, even in a collision of contexts, in a surrealistic juxtaposition of environment, our hearts and minds are yet elsewhere. We find ourselves no more or less comfortable in any situation because our hopes and dreams transcend the situation.
Like all things in life there is a balance upon which healthy life is maintained. To live continually beyond our context breeds denial, delusion, decay, and many other words that start with d, as well as others, such as “insular.” To seize the day and live in the moment while dreaming beyond is to find your joy and meaning in something larger than circumstance. This allows for small rewards, simple pleasures, and shared happiness in the now, and hope beyond hope in the what is to come.
I am learning to be content in whatever the circumstances. And though I may desire to be elsewhere, it may be important that I stick around for the moment.