Wednesday, November 15, 2006

cup o' joe

Last week, for Molly’s birthday, she gave me a coffee roaster, and a pound each of green, fair trade, Ethiopian Harrar, and Sumatran beans. Daddy’s favorites. I immediately set about my first batch of Rod-roasted joe, but alas, the moment I turned the roaster on, it smoked and fizzled and never got warm. Allison called the company and they promptly sent out a replacement and right now, I’m savoring my first cup of Rod-roasted Sumatran. This is yummy stuff. Thank you Molly!
The weather is nasty tonight. There are tornado watches and warnings all around and it is raining huge drops very hard. The lights are flickering on and off, the fam is all snuggled into bed, and I’m safe inside with a candle burning and an extremely fresh cup of coffee.
Creamy, sweet, with a touch of butterscotch, spice and grassiness.
Care for a cup?