Monday, October 23, 2006

flickr pro

There is something that I’ve wanted to do since we got home from vacation this summer and I ran out of July bandwidth to upload PSV pics to flickr. But alas, post-vacation catch-up was busy and before I had a moment, it was August and my bandwidth usage was wiped so I went at it again.
When I got back from Santa Fe, I had only a tiny amount of upload left, and it is fall picture time. So last night I bought myself (at Allison’s urging) a $24.95 Flickr pro account, and went nuts with photos. I uploaded pics I took yesterday, I dragged out archived photos from two years ago, I just kept sending pics up the pipeline.
The result is that today I have a lot more pictures on flickr. I perused about 7 or 8,000 pictures, and grabbed ones that jumped out at me. The result of that is that I didn’t look at them as visual accounts of events or trips or special days, but as individual photos. For me, though, they do all have context. This makes me happy. I really don’t want to bore people with my 768-image documentation of vacation. If I’m documenting a trip, I’m liable to take pictures of the sock drawer at my hotel. But few of us get bored looking at pretty pictures that stand on their own. I guess this is the male version of scrapbooking. Over time, I’d like to archive some of my favorite individual pictures I’ve taken of my favorite people, places, things, emotions and concepts.
So, I don’t know, humor me, and check’em out. I’m categorizing, and mapping them, so you can even click the map button and see a satellite image of where the pic was taken. Some of the satellite images have high enough resolution that you can practically see the context of the photo.
I think that is pretty cool.

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