Thursday, November 02, 2006


Time. There ain’t much to go around. And this week we messed with it. I’ve still not recovered. I approached the weekend exhausted and welcomed the extra hour of sleep on Saturday night. But for the next three days, my body told me it was an hour later than the clock said it was, and I walked around like a zombie.
I’m not really sure it’s been a week since I blogged. I think maybe the clock and calendar just got adjusted to make it look that way.
My end of the week exhaustion was caused by excitement though. On Thursday and Friday, we had Keith and Kristyn Getty on campus, and I got to play guitar with them in chapel on Friday morning and in a concert across town Friday night. The busyness of the entire day kept adrenaline high, but as soon as I got home, in the pouring rain, I felt like I suffered the ultimate sugar crash. And, of course, weekends are anything but restful.
Yesterday was the annual Advisor/advisee prayer day. As usual, I took my group to the Congaree Swamp. We stayed so long that I was a few minutes late getting to church last night. We walked so much among those pristine, ancient trees that my whole body ached when I finally got home. I don’t think I was awake 30 minutes after I got home. In fact, I awoke this morning not only fully dressed, but I still had my boots on. Don’t worry. I showered and changed clothes.

I’m tired.

Swamp pics here.